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SB Wood and Weld


SB Wood and Weld is a small town business that creates wood and steel products at an affordable price!

The SB Bed Winch

If you own a Honda pioneer 700-3 or 4 seater, 1000-3 or 5 seater, with or without a back glass or cab and have trouble loading game into the bed, then the SB Bed Winch could help change that. I, along with my two daughters, are avid hunters and a couple seasons ago one of my daughters harvested an old, heavy mature buck and wanted to have it mounted, so we did not want to drag him through the mud and brush. We borrowed a SxS from a friend and found it nearly impossible to load that heavy deer into the bed. From that day on I said if I ever own a SxS I will have a winch in the bed. When I did finally buy a SxS I chose the Honda Pioneer 1000-5. One of the first accessories I looked for was a bed winch and couldn’t find anything for the pioneer 4 and 5 seaters, so I came up with my own system and now I offer to all Pioneer 700-1000 owners the SB Bed Winch.

This system is easy to install, light weight (20lbs), LED light so no trying to hold your phone light or flashlight, also with a Badland winch with wired or wireless remote to free up both hands. I personally build each winch mount and brackets here in Marceline Missouri, USA. For you outfitters or families that own more than one Pioneer, you can purchase one SB Bed Winch system and multiple wire harnesses and female brackets to rig more than one machine and swap winch where needed!

I send you the system fully assembled. The installation process takes less than one hour. Not only for hunters, but with a 350 pound lift capacity, farmers and homeowners can find many uses also!

Check out our store and get in touch!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at (660) 734-0711

Thank you.

Scott Brooks

SB Wood and Weld LLC

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